Why buy German Shepherd puppies in Colorado

It truly is a remarkable thing to be able to enjoy watching puppies grow so quickly over a handful of weeks.  I consider it an honor to have them in my home, starting their lives out and guiding their journey to a happy, healthy companion for someone. 

As a german shepherd breeder in eastern Colorado, I have been able to experience many different types of dog breeders, each having their niche that brings a different result.  Having experience with both working and show lines of dogs, I have found myself wanting to focus on not only the bloodlines, but the most important aspect to a good dog, in my opinion, is how they are raised.  

We have owned dogs from a large breeder that had kennels and the result is that many times you end up with a much less socialized dog that will more likely bond to other pets than to their owner. 

My german shepherd puppies are found under my feet in my kitchen, experiencing the alarm of pots and pans, cooking, and the occasional kid, running through to the patio.  They experience daily life in a household, instead of a kennel.  They are held, and loved consistently throughout the day, live with my pack of dogs, meet the horses and cats and other animals that live with us.  They will go to their new homes understanding a bit about a crate and potty training, getting them on their way to being a loyal dog for their new owners.    I am proud of these babies and can't wait to have them making a difference in their new owners lives.  The blessings of buying a puppy in Colorado.