Casimir German Shepherds

V3 Vac-Vagvölgyi Santon

IPO1 KK1 HD/ED A1 Normal DM clear

We are extremely proud to announce the arrival of this amazing stud. He has had an exemplary career in Hungary and we are looking forward to continuing his success here in the US. He is just as stunning as the pictures show, with beautiful black and red pigment that he passes on to his babies. His list of accomplishments are long:

2018 VA2/H/ Vice Sieger -2016 SG2/H/ Vice Sieger

5 time progeny group winner!

Many times V1 and SG1..Santons’ pedigree speaks for itself. He is a fun loving dog with plenty of solid characteristics that make him the perfect dog to head our breeding program!

Leto vom Schanheit


Large Male GSD

Sire:  Leon Vom Gimlehof SCHH1

Dam:  Guard Mexi

Quad vom Dänischen Hof  SCHH3

Pippi vom Wildsteiger SCHH1, IPO3

hips/elbows: Good

Leto is very large, powerful stud with excellent conformation, character and temperament.  He is as sweet as they come.  He loves his people and is a tremendous protector.  His nature is so gentle, we refer to him as our "fireplace dog".  He enjoys going out for walks, has a medium ball drive, excels in obedience and is just as happy next to you on the couch watching tv.  He is so eager to please.  He  is a pleasure to work with. Leto now resides with a wonderful family in the mountains. He is getting spoiled rotten by two amazing people! We are so fortunate to have found the perfect home for him to enjoy the rest of his years.