Casimir German Shepherds

Lajka Von Maovi (Rey)

Ingo Von Panoniansee


Gara Von Dem Herrscher


Rey joined our family from Hungary.  She has the most remarkable coloring and loving personality.  She is a tremendous mother to her litter of puppies and hails a solid temperament she passes on to her babies. Her favorite past time is running up and down the fence line following the horses.  Medium ball drive and eager to please, she is so smart and always obedient when called on to perform a task.  She has made our family so proud to own her. 


Bibbi Harmony Czech (River)

Rooss z Lintichu

VA (SK) HD a normal, ED normal


Ola Larope- Czech


HD a(1/1) ED (0/0) DNA

FPr3, BH, ZVV1, ZZ0

 River is an exceptional female that joined our family from the Czech Republic.  Her pedigree speaks for itself.  She is the happiest dog I have ever met.  Her loving personality is a tremendous asset to our breeding operation in the future.  She has a high ball drive and I am looking forward to starting her tracking training soon.  She's a gem!

Kuba Vom Bastaw (Luna)


HD a- normal (a1) Elbows

Dumas von Panoniansee

VA1 Hd-SV a-normal (a1)

 IPO 2 KKl

Georgina vom Bastaw

Hd-SV a- normal (a1)


Luna was imported from Europe to join our family because of her fun temperament and quality confirmation.  She is our newest addition to the family and she is full of life.  She is quite the character, always wanting to play.  She is a sweet puppy that wants only to please you.  Fun loving and warm.  A great addition to our pack. 




Cashan vom Tuchscherer

Cashan is fully retired and enjoying the good life.  She is our inspiration, joy and love and is celebrating her 11th birthday this year.  She continues to live a healthy life and a fabulous example to all our puppies.  She has our heart and continued respect in showing what a perfect german shepherd can be. 


Bugs is one of our puppies from a previous litter.  She is a beauty, isn't she?  This little pup stole my daughters heart and we had to keep her.  She is a sweet natured dog and would prefer to spend her time in your lap and cuddling. She goes in the truck frequently to keep my husband company at work. She loves breakfast burritos and anything else you might be willing to share. She a wonderful house dog that lights up our lives.