Your First night with your Puppy

The day is here.  You are taking home your adorable little puppy for his first time and it can be nerve wracking wondering what to have for your new baby dog.  One of the most important, things to remember is that your puppy will get through this the efficiently if he/she is put on a schedule.  Having the experience of having many new puppies, I have learned a few things that might help your puppy adjust to their new home. 

I am confident that lots of love will be given on the first day and they will hardly miss their litter mates, but when the lights go off, and they are thrown in the crate, the howling will commence.  I remember the first puppy my son had, he was 12 at the time.  We were very limited on our knowledge of crate training  and  by 5am, he was absolutely delirious with tears in his eyes because he had stayed up all night with the puppy because he felt so bad for the crying puppy.  We quickly realized how poorly we had set him up for success with his cute little guy.  The advise we were given was to just let the little guy scream, and told our son to just wear his headphones.  There was immediate regret on this 12 year old boys dream of getting a dog. 

Never would we want you to experience such a traumatic event, and with research and trial and error, we found a great way to have that cute little puppy sleeping through the night from the first night you take him home.  

Make sure that you pull water away from your puppy early in the evening so there won't be accidents.  Then grab something like a chair in order to put the puppies crate on eye level with the bed.  We just pull in a kitchen chair, sometimes 2 depending on the size of the crate, and get the crate positioned so that when you are laying your head down to sleep, your puppy can almost feel you breathing into the crate, the closer the better.  As long as your puppy can see you and feel your presence, they might whimper a few times, but they feel secure enough to rest easy.  

You should be able to get a good nights sleep in with 6 hours before you will need to bring the little pup out to go potty.