Puppies are here!

It is so amazing to be able to watch a first time mother's instincts kick in.  It truly is a gift from God.  Sunday was a fabulous day for us.  We spent time down in the barn, enjoying our horses, and slipped away that afternoon to go to my sister's birthday party.  Lots of laughs and great food was had.   We live about an hour away, so the drive home was filled with great conversation included bets on when Jayden (affectionately called Leela)  was going to have her babies.  Although there was really no betting involved, we wrote down everyones guess on what day and how many puppies she would have.   

By the time we got home, we fed all the animals, and starting getting the kids to bed.  When I went back down to the kennels, Leela had not eaten, and I knew that something was going on.  Usually between 24-48 hours, the mom chooses to come off of food to prepare for the birth.  I let her out and she immediately went into the house and jumped into the whelping room.  She hopped back out and went into my sons bedroom and lied down on the end of the bed, which is usually where she calls home at night time.  She immediately jumped back up and went into her whelping room again and was looking quite anxious.  I went upstairs to  let my husband know we were going to have puppies!   

We moved some essentials downstairs so that I could settle in for the night.  With my tea, plenty of clean towels and my computer for entertainment  in between puppies.  While gathering all my goodies, the first puppy was born.  I heard some moaning and quickly she produced this beautiful black little guy, glimmering in the light I was shining in.   I sat in the dark, just watching her as her instincts kicked in and she did all the right things to bring that little puppy into the world.  Almost 2 hours passed, and she produced another puppy.  

She was the perfect mom, with the perfect instincts to take care of these german shepherd puppies - Colorado born!  

So my husband won the bet!  We have 6 beautiful german shepherd puppies that will become part of the family for the next 8 weeks until they find their new families.  


Her addorable litter of 6  

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