The Back Roads

It is always exciting in the spring, when all the animals are having their babies.  You drive down the roads out where we live and see so many new little ones out in the pastures, it brings a smile to my face.  My daughter goes to gymnastics about an hour away from home and we are so lucky to have the most gorgeous drive.  Over the past few weeks we have seen wild turkey, fox, countless hawks perching on the top of the telephone poles looking for their next meals.  Elk, cows, antelope are a daily find as we travel down the roads.  But this time of year, we get to see all the tiny little creatures sitting close to their moms and the feeling is pure love.  

Last year  at this time we had a litter of cute little kittens and this year we are expecting a beautiful litter of pups from Jayden and Leto.  The anticipation is more than my daughter can bear, as she is hoping to add another one to our permanent family.   So as we prepare to have our new special additions, I wanted to pause and share my gratitude for all the wonderful animals in my life.