So, today was a wonderful day around here.  We rarely get to spend the whole day at home because of my daughters and sons activities, but today, the whole day was ours, thanks to a little bitty virus hanging around my 10 year old's body.  I was able to get some exercise in for myself,  then spent time helping her with all her homework.  We had snow yesterday and it came down like crazy for the first real snow fall of the season.  Some of the drifts were 7 feet tall, so as you can imagine, it is interesting getting around outside. 

The pack and I headed down to the barn to clean stalls, break ice and let the horses out to pasture for the day.  As I worked, they chased rabbits and ate goodies that they would find in the stalls that the horses had left.  Yuck!  Eventually they all pick a corner in the barn and rest while I finish the chores.  They know that once I am done, there is a session of ball playing coming. 

The dogs that are in training get their one on one time, tracking and working on their obedience.  Our young female is close to getting her BH so we are practicing our off leash sessions. 

Cookie baking with my daughter, shepherds pie for my husband and I am feeling great gratitude for all that I have.  The dogs were out eating their dinner and 2 stayed out to finish out their evening meals while, Cash and I were doing the dishes from our human dinner.  I heard our males signal that he was ready to come in at the door.  He sits there and give one short, small bark announcing that he is ready to come in.  I went to open the door and 2 dogs came bounding in, as if they had not seen us in years.  I will never understand that, but am certainly grateful to be elevated to "celebrity" status for a moment or two.   It takes just 30 seconds before I realize something is very wrong with this picture.  A horrible stench begins to permeate my nostrils, and I quickly realized we have been skunked! 

The smell of skunk is everywhere and that smell does not subside.  I quickly throw the dogs back out and run for the lysol.  Now, looking through the window at me, is my big boy, wondering what in the world he had done to deserve this treatment.  I am pretty sure he went to kiss the "black and white" kitty and got sprayed right in the mouth.  My son's dog was a victim too, so luckily they will have company for the next couple weeks out in the garage.   I hate not having that big guy in my room at night, but he has taken up a temporary residence downstairs for the next few weeks. 

Its a smelly ending to my wonderful day.  The joys of living in the country.