In starting out with the breed, there are ample sites and information you can find as great resources in providing a good home for your puppy.  

Although Dog breed Information is not specific to bringing up a german shepherd, the information they give can share with you the puppy development stages and what to expect as  your puppy grows.  

There are so many different sports and activities that you can enter into with a german shepherd.  One of our activities is IPO/Schutzhund training.  The focus is teaching your dog 3 elements of training, tracking, used in search and rescue, obedience, for a well behaved animal, and protection, for peace of mind.  

Another fun activity you can participate in is dog agility.  The American Kennel club breaks the sport down so you can get an idea of this is something you may want to participate in.  

One of my favorite places to buy supplies is All K-9.  They have everything you can imagine in training equipment.  The customer service is phenomenal and they ship fast.  

I am a big fan of podcasts to fill my time in the car and one of my favorite Dog training podcasts is called "The Dog's Way Podcast."  Sean McDaniel is a long time trainer and I love his methodology when training your dog.  I always impress upon our clients that training will make you and your dog very happy with one another.  Sean has a wonderful online training course that I have personally gone through and think is wonderful. It is super cost effective, and gives your dog the basics for a wonderful foundation to your relationship.  You can find it at